PLC offers Traditional IRA Annuities and Roth IRA Annuities with the same Features and Interest Rate as our Tax-Deferred Annuity Plan

IRA’s provide an answer to the question of how to assure a secure retirement.

Traditional IRA


  • Independent, and can be opened and funded without employer participation

  • Immediate tax benefits, with contributions and/or earnings tax-deferred until retirement

  • Accessibility, with funds always available, something not generally true of employer plans

  • Flexibility, because there is no minimum contribution in any year, and you choose your own investments and financial organization.

Roth IRA

  • Money you contribute to a Roth IRA has already been taxed. Your principal amount is never subject to income taxes as long as you stay within the contribution guidelines

  • Your money grows tax-deferred. If you do not withdraw any of the earnings until you have had the plan for at least five years, earnings become tax-free.


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